Rules -

§ 1 General rules
To be a part of this happy screwed up family, you need to follow some simple rules. This is because your actions reflect on the whole clan.


1. You shall be polite and friendly to other players.

2. You shall follow the server rules on the server you are playing at any time.

3. If you get busted for any kind of cheat, XtraOld will not back you up in any way, we have zero tolerance regarding cheating and cheaters.

4. Any statement that offends other players is a BIG NO NO. With this we mean: gender, sexual orientation, religion, skin color, racist etc etc...

5. If you are a member of a team that plays matches, and have training sessions, check forum and Clan Wars regularly, to keep informed, and let team leaders know if you can play.

6. Most important, HAVE FUN...


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